Equestrian and Event Photography


We offer show and event organizers the opportunity to have professional photography and video services at no cost to the organization. We simply want the opportunity to market our imagery to the competitors. We have a complete Mobil Digital Photography Studio that we bring to your event or rally.  Competitors have the option to see their photos the day of the show , view them on line, or we can mail proof sheets to them. We also offer photos to organizers that can be used to promote their rally or clubs free of charge.

Custom photo and video services are available to farm and horse owners alike. If you have a need for quality photography or a video/ DVD to promote your horse or farm we offer reasonable rates. So call us for all you imaging needs. 1-888-GRC-FOTO (1-888-472-3686) Or 540-439-5010


2012 Equestrian Events

Sporting Days HT 3-2012Maryland Derby CrossMarlborough Jumper Derby Maryland Combined TestMorven Park Spring HTMaryland Starter April Redlands Spring HTFair Hill Int  Spring HTLHPC Spring HTMCTA Spring HTFair Hill May Starter TrialsKelly's Ford  Sprintg HTFair Hill May HTWaredaca June HTMaryland June StarterTrialSVPC June Horse TrialsWaredaca ST June 25thMaryland HT July 7-8Maryland HT2 July 14-15USPC Championships 2012Hunters Run HT 2012Fair Hill Aug HorseTrialsWaredaca Aug HorseTrialsDRPC Aug HorseTrialsLHPC Aug HorseTrialsMaryland Sept HorseTrialsSVPC Sept HorseTrialsFair Hill Sept Starter TrialsMarlboro Horse TrialsMiddleburg Horse TrialsMorven Park Area 2 ChampMaryland HT Oct 2012Radnor HT Oct 2012Kellys Ford HT Oct 2012Fair Hill CCI 2*/3* 2012Training/Novice 3Day 2012Waredaca HT Oct 2012Waredaca ST Nov 2012Maryland Nov ST 2012


2013 Equestrian Events

Sporting Days Farm HT FEB Sporting Days Farm HT MARCDCTA Dressage & CT 03/13Morven Park Driving 03/13Kelly's Ford CT 03/13Maryland Starter Trials 3/13Marlborough  Derby 3/13Morven Park SHT 3/13Sporting Days HT 4/13Maryland ST 2  4/13Fair Hill Int.  April 2013LHPC Horse Trials April 2013MCTA Horse Trials May 2013Fair Hill  ST May 2013Kelly's Ford HT May 2013WBTA at Meadowbrook 2013Fair Hill  HT 18-19 May 2013Maryland StarterHT May 2013Waredaca June HT 2013DRPC June HT 2013Waredaca June ST 2013SVPC June Horse Trials 2013VA Pony Club D Rally 2013SVPC Starter Trials 06/2013Maryland HT I 07/2013Maryland HT II 07/2013Morven Park Driving ShowUSPC Championships 2013Fair Hill HT AUG 2013Hunters Run HT 2013Waredaca Aug HT 2013LHPC Fall HT 2013Maryland Fall ST 1 2013Fair Hill Sept ST 2013SVPC Fall Horse Trials 2013Marlborough HT 2013Middleburg HT 2013Morven Park/Area 2 ChampsMaryland Horse Trials OctRadnor Hunt Horse TrialsFair Hill FEH/YEHFair Hill Horse Trials 2*/3*The Event @ Kelly's FordTraning-Novice 3 DayWaredaca Fall HT 2013Waredaca Nov ST 2013Maryland Nov Starter TrialsCDCTA Fall HT 2013


2014 Equestrian Events

Sporting Days HT FEB 2014Sporting Days HT MAR 2014Morven Park Driving 03/2014CDCTA Dress&CT MAR 2014Maryland ST I MAR 2014Morven Park HT MAR 2014Riverbend PC CT MAR 2014Maryland ST II April 2014Fair Hill April 2014LHPC HT April 2014MCTA HT May 2014Fair Hill ST 4 May 2014Fair Hill HT 17-18  May 2014Maryland ST  May 2014Waredaca Spring HT 2014Middleburg HT 2014Waredaca June ST 2014SVPC HT June 2014TB Jumper Show Loc MoyHCHSA Hunter/Jumper ShowFair Hill June Starter TrialsMorven Park Driving 07/2014Maryland HT 1 12-13 JulyUSPC CHAMPS/Festival 2014Onley Farm HT 3 AUGFair Hill HT Aug 2014Waredaca Aug HT 2014LHPC Aug HT 2014Maryland Fall ST #1 2014SVPC Fall HT 09/2014Fair Hill StarterTrials 9/14Marlborough HT 9/14SVPC Starter Trials 9/14Morven Park Fall HT & CICMaryland Fall HT & CICKelly's Ford Fall HTWaredaca 3 DayWaredaca Fall Horse TrialsSt. Margaret's PC STWaredaca Fall Starter TrialsMaryland Nov Starter Trials 3



2015 Equestrian Events

Sporting Days HT FEB 2015Sporting Days HT 1 MAR 2015RBPC Combined Test 15 MAR Morven Park Driving 15 MAR Maryland Spring ST#1 22 MAR Stable View HT 24-25 MAR Morven Park HT 27-28 MAR CDCTA Horse Trials #1 4 AprilMaryland Spring ST#2 12 APR CDCTA Horse Trials 2 19 AprilFair Hill Int 17-19 April 2015LHPC Horse Trials April 2015MCTA Horse Trials May 2015Fair Hill Starter Trials May 2015Fair Hill Horse Trials May 2015Maryland Spring ST#3 24 May Waredaca Horse Trials   May Middleburg Horse Trials 2015 Waredaca Starter Trials June '15Morven Park Driving July 2015SVPC Horse Trials June '15Last Fronteer Farm 7/4/2015SVPC Starter Trials July '15Maryland HorseTrials 1 July '15Maryland HorseTrials 2 July '15USPC Championships East 2015 Olney Farm Horse Trial 2015Hunt Club Farm HT Aug 2015Fair Hill Horse Trial Aug 2015Waredaca Horse Trial Aug 2015Loudon Hunt PC  HT Aug 2015SVPC Horse Trials Sept 2015Fair Hill Starter Trials Sep 2015Marlborough HT Sep 2015SVPC Starter Trials Sep 2015SMPC Starter Trials Sep 2015Morven Park Fall HT 2015Maryland HT#3 Oct 2015Maryland Fall ST#2 Oct 2015Waredaca TN 3-Day Oct 2015Waredaca Fall HT Oct 2015Waredaca Halloween ST 2015Maryland Fall ST #3 Nov 2015